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Eternal Beauty is ready to expand into select marketplaces. If you think you have what it takes to own and operate an Eternal Beauty education or medispa location, this is for you!

State Of The Art

Eternal Beauty Institute & Medispa is one of North America's premier beauty schools, offering a complete range of certifications and full programs. We are one of the industry's first choices for beauty training and even provide full training programs for educators. We strive to have the most prestigious and cutting-edge facilities, staff and equipment to ensure your location will do its very best in the industry.

Eternal Beauty Calgary Campus Eternal Beauty Calgary Campus Eternal Beauty Calgary Campus

Team Spirit

We have an amazing team attitude at Eternal Beauty and offer full corporate support every step of the way. Our experts are here to assist you with location selection, design & construction, complete training programs, point of sale systems, operational support as well as marketing solutions.

Eternal Beauty Institute campuses are built on a foundation of hope and unlimited potential. We deeply value the individuality of every person that enters our institutions. Our aim is to show our students the path to greatness, so that they too might create that same purpose for their own life's journey.

Eternal Beauty Calgary Campus

The Right Candidate

The Opportunity

Imagine yourself becoming the proud owner of your own medical esthetics training institute. The opportunity to offer world class training to professionals and students in your area in a format that is customized to the busy lifestyles we lead.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have! Our Programs are tailored to suit the lifestyles of modern working students. This is what we do at Eternal Beauty Institute. We have streamlined courses that offer lighting speed certifications without compromising the actual content that students must learn to become successful and develop expertise in their field of study. While actively using our online learning portals so that students can truly customize their learning experience to their lifestyle's needs.

Change Lives

Eternal Beauty and our team has the ability to make those dreams become a reality for the right type of person or group looking to invest in an educational business venture. Get in touch with us to learn more about this opportunity!

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Have Passion

You don't have to have a background in esthetics to own a medical vocational college. You just need to have passion! Our campus owners are passionate about owning a business that helps people realize their dreams.

Core Values

Number One


Passion is the driving force for all that we do and that we create. We understand our “Why” and its about teaching the skills to our students that will solidify a better future for themselves and their families.

Number Two


Beauty & the Medical Aesthetics industry is very much about the aesthetic. We pride ourselves as a group of artistic minds that love to capture our clients true beauty. through the services we teach to create a compassionate technician that cares deeply about the well being of the clients. To create a technician that strives for perfection in all that they do.

Number Three


Spas, Salons & Medical Spas must be extremely attentive to compassion. Many many times our customers have gone through extreme circumstances and require restorative cosmetic treatments, weight-loss guidance, paramedical treatments. Often these topics are sensitive in nature. It is always of paramount importance that we attend to the highest good. That our school environments are always safe, clean and comfortable settings that will foster the spirit of nurture from Professor to student and from student to client.

Number Four


Hope will renew all weakened spirits. That is what we truly provide as medical spa technicians, is the hope for a renewal of body, mind and spirit. When you can restore dignity to a client you bring hope. Hope for a new level of confidence an ultimately the ability for the client to see themselves as eternally beautiful.

The Next Step

Through Eternal Beautyʼs extensive infrastructure that we have carefully designed we will assist you at opening a beautiful educational facility. There are many options for spaces and how to work your way up to a larger location over time. The original investment will cover all equipment and materials you will need to run your courses efficiently and effectively.

The next step is up to you! We donʼt want to down play the amount of hard work it will require to get your training facility off the ground. The blessing with this business model is that you can decide to run as many courses as you like. So if you are new to owning a business you can gradually work up to fully engaging in course loads.

The vision is to create a company based on the values and principals that will help to elevate the lives of others. What Eternal Beauty provides is the ability to teach high-level medical spa training that allow our graduates to earn higher than average wages from our training that will improve their lives and the lives of their clients. This pursuit of superior education will be the driving force behind our decisions. The goal of creating a better life for women, men, working mothers, single mothers and families through our fast-track educational certifications. We specifically aim to teach courses that have the potential to lift our students out of their current situations towards a greater state of living.

Our vision for our partners and our partnering locations is to create a work-life balance that is greatly rewarding, transformative and lucrative. Due to the high earning potential and easily manageable schedule opening up an Eternal Beauty Location might just be the best decision you'll ever make!

It is no small decision to start a project like opening a school facility. It will become a life long love or at the very least a monumental project that if handled correctly can be an investment for years to come. The founders of Eternal Beauty want to remain completely transparent in regards to the level of commitment it will take to manage and run one of our flag ship locations.

The Process

  • Review & Consulatation
  • Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Complete Your Application
  • Meet With Our Executive Team
  • Approval Of Business Plan
  • Sign The Business Agreement

Investment Package

Minimum $500,000 Capital Investment


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