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Body Sugaring

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    Body Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a completely natural paste made from lemon, sugar and water

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Course Description

Body Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a completely natural paste made from lemon, sugar and water. It looks like honey, but is even thicker. The paste is molded onto your skin against the direction of the hair growth, then quickly flicked off – removing the sugar paste, extracting your unwanted hair and collecting dead skin cells. This ancient hand technique that allows for the hair to be extracted in the direction of its growth means less breakage and discomfort for you! We have attached a video for you to see our process. It’s more sanitary and reduces waste because there are no sticks or strips. After your service the paste and gloves are discarded and you are left with beautifully smooth skin. To download the complete course brochure, click here.

Everything You Need
What's Included With This Course
  • e-Learning Student Portal Access
  • Textbooks & Learning Material
  • Online Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Class Time With Instructors
  • Official Certification
  • Graduation Photograph
Course Outline
  • Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP)
  • Skin & Internal Anatomy
  • Spa Safety
  • Pre & Post Care
  • Business Building
  • Marketing & Clienteling
  • Regulations & Insurance
  • Hair Types & Textures
  • History of Body Sugaring
  • Types of Sugaring Products
  • How to Make Your Own Sugar
Eternal Beauty Institute Official Certification
Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common enquiries

  • How long does body sugaring last?

    For the best results, book your appointments when the hair is 1/8" long. At 1/8" the hair is in the beginning stage of growth and after extraction it will take longer to grow back. As hair generally grows on a 6 week cycle, we recommend that all clients come in once every four weeks for the first three months to try and allow the hair to be on the same growth cycle.

  • Does body sugaring hurt less than waxing?

    A lot of women find sugaring significantly less painful than waxing. In waxing, the hair is removed against its natural direction of growth. This is what causes the high levels of pain. This method also causes ingrown hairs and skin irritation. In sugaring, on the other hand, the stubble is removed along with the natural hair growth direction. So your hair will be removed in a simpler and less painful way. Many women also experience getting burned by hot wax. Sugaring is done at body temperature unlike waxing, so it won’t burn and hurt your skin.

  • Can body sugaring remove hair permanently?

    Stubble that is 1/8” in length is in the Anagen Phase of growth. This is the growth phase which is considered ideal even for laser treatment. Regular hair removal at this stage leads to permanent loss. Every time hair at the Anagen Phase is extracted, a little part of the follicle wall is torn with it, which eventually causes the wall to collapse. Regular body sugaring may lead to thinning of hair and permanent hair removal.

  • How long does a hair have to be to get sugared?

    Another great thing about sugaring hair removal is that hair at 1/8”, which is half the required length for waxing, will be gone! You can achieve this size stubble in just 7-10 days of growing. Gone are the days when you have to agonizingly wait for your hair to grow back to almost an inch!

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